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"Watched these at a party and, as a lady who goes to a lot of festivals, I was shocked how good they were; their original songs had a touch of the smiths mixed with the Beatles and the edgy-ness of the Who...... definitely worth a watch" - Josephine Bastian
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about The Hornets

The Hornets are a 4 piece rock band from West London, formed in 2017 and after playing together for years the band now writes original material while playing a variety of gigs around the capital.

Their sets contain music with roots in 60's rock n roll as well as the 70's rhythm and blues scene, however they play various songs of various styles as the Hornets play to please. 

The band is composed of Rui Favinha as the singer, Bailey Penny on lead guitar, Harry Foulkes on drums and Olly Sheldon on bass guitar .


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